Soapbox v3.0.0


Soapbox 3.0 is finally here! See the full blog post.



  • Editing: ability to edit posts and view edit history (on Rebased, Pleroma, and Mastodon).
  • Events: ability to create, view, and comment on Events (on Rebased).
  • Onboarding: display an introduction wizard to newly registered accounts.
  • Posts: translate foreign language posts into your native language (on Rebased, Mastodon; if configured by the admin).
  • Posts: ability to view quotes of a post (on Rebased).
  • Posts: hover the "replying to" line to see a preview card of the parent post.
  • Chats: ability to leave a chat (on Rebased, Truth Social).
  • Chats: ability to disable chats for yourself.
  • Layout: added right-to-left support for Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Central Kurdish languages.
  • Composer: support custom emoji categories.
  • Search: ability to search posts from a specific account (on Pleroma, Rebased).
  • Theme: auto-detect system theme by default.
  • Profile: remove a specific user from your followers (on Rebased, Mastodon).
  • Suggestions: ability to view all suggested profiles.
  • Feeds: display suggested accounts in Home feed (optional by admin).
  • Compatibility: added compatibility with Truth Social, Fedibird, Pixelfed, Akkoma, and Glitch.
  • Developers: added Test feed, Service Worker debugger, and Network Error preview.
  • Reports: display server rules in reports. Let users select rule violations when submitting a report.
  • Admin: added Theme Editor, a GUI for customizing the color scheme.
  • Admin: custom badges. Admins can add non-federating badges to any user's profile (on Rebased, Pleroma).
  • Admin: consolidated user dropdown actions (verify/suggest/etc) into a unified "Moderate User" modal.
  • i18n: updated translations for Italian, Polish, Arabic, Hebrew, and German.
  • Toast: added the ability to dismiss toast notifications.


  • UI: the whole UI has been overhauled both inside and out. 97% of the codebase has been rewritten to TypeScript, and a new component library has been introduced with Tailwind CSS.
  • Chats: redesigned chats. Includes an improved desktop UI, unified chat widget, expanding textarea, and autosuggestions.
  • Lists: ability to edit and delete a list.
  • Settings: unified settings under one path with separate sections.
  • Posts: changed the thumbs-up icon to a heart.
  • Posts: move instance favicon beside username instead of post timestamp.
  • Posts: changed the behavior of content warnings. CWs and sensitive media are unified into one design.
  • Posts: redesigned interaction counters to use text instead of icons.
  • Posts: letterbox images taller than 1:1.
  • Profile: overhauled user profiles to be consistent with the rest of the UI.
  • Composer: move emoji button alongside other composer buttons, add numerical counter.
  • Birthdays: move today's birthdays out of notifications into right sidebar.
  • Performance: improve scrolling/navigation between feeds by using a virtual window library.
  • Admin: reorganize UI into 3-column layout.
  • Admin: include external link to frontend repo for the running commit.
  • Toast: redesigned toast notifications.


  • Theme: Halloween theme.
  • Settings: advanced notification settings.
  • Settings: dyslexic mode.
  • Settings: demetricator.
  • Profile: ability to set and view private notes on an account.
  • Feeds: per-feed filters for replies, media, etc.
  • Backup and export functionality (for now).
  • Posts: hide non-emoji images embedded in post content.


  • Glitch Social: fixed XSS vulnerability on Glitch Social where custom emojis could be exploited to embed a script tag.

Upgrade instructions

Fetch the v3.0.0 build:

curl -L -o


busybox unzip -o -d /opt/pleroma/instance

For upgrading Rebased, scroll to the bottom of Installing Soapbox.