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About Soapbox

Frontend software for an unbeatable social experience

Federated Social Media… Without the barriers.

Soapbox is a powerful frontend for the most popular federated social networks. Currently home to some of the largest servers on the Fediverse, Soapbox makes the freedom of decentralized communication accessible to all by focusing on a familiar and friendly user interface with all the features today’s users have come to expect.

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Built for sustainable growth

Soapbox focuses on user experience, discoverability, and providing monetization avenues for server hosts and content creators.  Leading the way in the Fediverse on important growth features like quote posting, donations, and crypto integration, Soapbox is the front-end choice for platforms that want to attract users and keep them coming back for more.

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Always Open Source, Always Free

Soapbox is dedicated to the mission and power of open source software. Soapbox is licensed under the AGPL 3.0 and is always free to use, run, copy, and build on. We are proudly providing jobs for free software contributors across the globe who share our vision! Soapbox is spreading the freedom of decentralized social media a mainstream audience.

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Choose Your Backend!


Soapbox allows admins to choose from multiple supported Fediverse backends. For the easiest setup and cleanest user experience, we recommend using our custom-built Soapbox BE. However, Mastodon and Pleroma are also supported, in addition to others.