Soapbox v3.2.0




  • Admin: redirect the homepage to any URL.
  • Compatibility: added compatibility with Friendica.
  • Posts: bot badge on statuses from bot accounts.
  • Compatibility: improved browser support for older browsers.
  • Events: allow to repost events in event menu.
  • Groups: Initial support for groups.
  • Profile: Add RSS link to user profiles.
  • Reactions: adds support for reacting to chat messages.
  • Profile: add RSS link to user profiles.
  • Posts: fix posts filtering.
  • Chats: reset chat message field height after sending a message.
  • Admin: allow to manage announcements.


  • Chats: improved display of media attachments.
  • ServiceWorker: switch to a network-first strategy. The "An update is available!" prompt goes away.
  • Posts: increased font size of focused status in threads.
  • Posts: let "mute conversation" be clicked from any feed, not just noficiations.
  • Posts: display all emoji reactions.
  • Reactions: improved UI of reactions on statuses.
  • Profile: make verified badge more prominent, overlapping with avatar.


  • Admin: fixed hover card in reports modal shows reporter not reportee
  • Chats: media attachments rendering at the wrong size and/or causing the chat to scroll on load.
  • Chats: don't display "copy" button for messages without text.
  • Posts: don't have to click the play button twice for embedded videos.
  • index.html: remove referrer meta tag so it doesn't conflict with backend's Referrer-Policy header.
  • Modals: fix media modal automatically switching to video.
  • Navigation: profile dropdown erratic behavior.


  • Admin: single user mode. Now the homepage can be redirected to any URL.