Soapbox v3.1.0




  • Compatibility: rudimentary support for Takahē.
  • UI: added backdrop blur behind modals.
  • Admin: let admins configure media preview for attachment thumbnails.
  • Login: accept ?server param in external login, eg
  • Backups: restored Pleroma backups functionality.
  • Export: restored "Export data" to CSV.


  • Posts: letterbox images to 19:6 again.
  • Status Info: moved context (repost, pinned) to improve UX.
  • Posts: remove file icon from empty link previews.
  • Settings: moved "Import data" under settings.


  • Layout: use accent color for "floating action button" (mobile compose button).
  • ServiceWorker: don't serve favicon, robots.txt, and others from ServiceWorker.
  • Datepicker: correctly default to the current year.
  • Scheduled posts: fix page crashing on deleting a scheduled post.
  • Events: don't crash when searching for a location.
  • Search: fixes an abort error when using the navbar search component.
  • Posts: fix monospace font in Markdown code blocks.
  • Modals: fix action buttons overflow
  • Editing: don't insert edited posts to the top of the feed.
  • Modals: close modal when navigating to a different page.
  • Modals: fix "View context" button in media modal.
  • Posts: let unauthenticated users to translate posts if allowed by backend.
  • Chats: fix jumpy scrollbar.
  • Composer: fix alignment of icon in submit button.
  • Login: add a border around QR codes.