Soapbox v2.0.0




  • Quote Posting: repost with comment on Fedibird and Rebased.
  • Profile: ability to feature other users on your profile (on Rebased, Mastodon).
  • Profile: ability to add location to the user's profile (on Rebased, Truth Social).
  • Birthdays: ability to add a birthday to your profile (on Rebased, Pleroma).
  • Birthdays: support for age-gated registration if configured by the admin (on Rebased, Pleroma).
  • Birthdays: display today's birthdays in notifications.
  • Notifications: added unread badge to favicon when user has notifications.
  • Notifications: display full attachments in notifications instead of links.
  • Search: added a dedicated search page with prefilled suggestions.
  • Compatibility: improved support for Mastodon, added support for Mitra.
  • Ethereum: Metamask sign-in with Mitra.
  • i18n: added Shavian alphabet (en-Shaw) transliteration.
  • i18n: added Icelandic translation.


  • Feeds: added gaps between posts in feeds.
  • Feeds: automatically load new posts when scrolled to the top of the feed.
  • Layout: improved design of top navigation bar.
  • Layout: add left sidebar navigation.
  • Icons: replaced Fork Awesome icons with Tabler icons.
  • Posts: moved mentions out of the post content into an area above the post for replies (on Pleroma and Rebased - Mastodon falls back to the old behavior).
  • Composer: use graphical ring counter for character count.


  • Multi-Account: fix switching between profiles on different servers with the same local username.