Soapbox v1.0.0




  • Emoji reactions.
  • Ability to set brand color in soapbox.json.
  • Security UI.
  • Proper i18n support.
  • Link to AdminFE.
  • Password reset.
  • Ability to edit profile fields.
  • Many new automated tests.


  • Overhauled theming system to use native CSS variables.
  • Reorganized folder structure.
  • Redesigned post composer.
  • All references to "Gab" removed.
  • Disable notification sounds by default.
  • Rename 'Favourite' to 'Like'
  • Improve design of floating compose button.
  • Force media to have a static height, fixing jumpy timelines.


  • Composer: Move cursor to end of text.
  • Composer: Tagging yourself in replies.
  • Composer: State issues between compose modal and inline composer.
  • AutoPlayGif for images in posts.
  • Handle registration when email confirmation is required.
  • Ability to add non-follows to Lists.
  • Don't hide locked accounts from non-followers.
  • Delete + Redraft errors.
  • Preferences: Display name limitations removed.
  • Hide "Embed" functionality from menus.
  • Only show 'Trends' and 'Who To Follow' when supported by the backend.
  • Hide reposted media from account media tab.