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Mary Kate Fain
Mary Kate Fain

Registration Options

New user signup

Your server can have one of three different new account signup formats: open, approval required, or closed. When server registration is open, anyone can sign up immediately. Approval required mode asks new users to provide a reason for joining and then gives Moderators the ability to approve or reject new accounts in the Mod Dashboard (as seen above). When registration is closed, no one can sign up for a new account.

Account activation

Servers can require that users confirm their email in order to activate a new account. This is useful for preventing spam, but also ensuring that users have access to their email in case they need to reset their password in the future.

Federation Restrictions

Federation Restrictions

There are multiple ways Fediverse servers can choose to interact with (or not) other servers. Soapbox BE provides multiple, configurable options on how to handle incoming messages from other servers, including completely rejecting content, rejecting some content, and fully whitelisting.

Custom MRFs

Soapbox also allows site admins to build and implement completely custom MRF (Message Rewrite Facility) policies for handling incoming messages. Learn more about custom MRFs on Pleroma’s documentation.

Content Moderation


Users are able to report content and users, attach relevant posts, and describe the reason for the report. Moderators are able to view and handle reporters directly in the Soapbox Mod Dashboard, including deleting posts, marking posts as “sensitive”, and moderating accounts.

Account moderation

Mods are able to delete, deactivate, and perform other moderation features directly to user accounts in Soapbox.

Mod Log

Soapbox includes a detailed Admin panel with comprehensive options for Mods and Admins, including a Moderation Log summarizing all actions taken by mods. This is especially useful for large sites with multiple members on content moderation teams and provides oversight against Mod abuse.

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