How to Follow Threads Accounts from Nostr with the Mostr Bridge

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Mary Kate Fain
Mary Kate Fain

Nostr users can now follow certain Threads accounts thanks to the Mostr bridge. Learn how to follow Threads users from Nostr.

What is the Mostr Bridge?

The Mostr Bridge is a tool developed by Alex Gleason and Soapbox to follow Fediverse accounts on Nostr, and vice versa. For example, here is free sotware advocate Richard Stallman's account on, bridged to Nostr.

Learn more about the Mostr Bridge

Is Threads part of the Fediverse?

Yes! Threads has implemented ActivityPub, and certain users accounts may opt-in to federating across the Fediverse, including through the Mostr Bridge.

Learn more about Threads impelenting Activity Pub

How can I follow Threads accounts from Nostr?

1.  Threads user must opt in to the federation
Threads users aged 18+ with public profiles in the US, Canada, and Japan can now choose to share their Threads posts to other ActivityPub-compliant servers. Learn how.

Turn on Federation in Threads settings
Turn on Federation in Threads settings

2.  Search for account on
Go to
Select the "Threads" option fron the dropdown menu
Type their username, for example: potus

Mostr Search
Search for the account POTUS on Threads

This will bring up the NJump link to their account

3.  Alternately: Look up the account directly in your client
Using the pattern: [username]


Bridged Nostr Account
Bridged account can now be followed from Nostr

Can I bridge my Nostr account to Threads so they see my posts?

At the moment, Threads federation only works one way. We hope Threads will do the right thing and further open their platform in the future. Follow the Mostr Bridge to stay up to date!

Sample Accounts to Follow over the Bridge

Many threads users have already opted into federation! Here's a few to get you started:

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