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Alex Gleason
Alex Gleason

As I have been building Ditto, it has become clear that there are foundational Nostr development tools missing from the ecosystem โ€” tools Ditto needs to succeed.

I have contributed heavily to nostr-tools (as the second-highest contributor), and sent a few patches to NDK. But I found difficulties with both that are not easy to solve.

I wanted a modular library built around thoughtful interfaces, using modern web APIs like AbortSignal and AsyncGenerator. I wanted components that could be easily swapped in and out, instead of a monolithic framework.

Additionally, the problems I was facing on Ditto were also problems with the Mostr Bridge. And I know I'm not the only one! So instead of just baking these solutions into Ditto, I decided to create a new Nostr library where we could all share code together.

Thus, Nostrify was born!

What is Nostrify?

Nostrify is a flexible library for building Nostr apps in TypeScript. It provides Relays, Signers, Storages, and more to help you build your app.

It is centered around interfaces such as NStore, NRelay, and NostrSigner. So even if you don't like the built-in components, you can easily swap them out for your own!

Nostrify uses nostr-tools under the hood for low-level operations, but it implements a brand-new Relay and Pool from scratch. If you want, we even offer a wrapper around NDK so you can use it as a relay backend!

Building Together

A core tenet of Nostrify is "interfaces over implementations". You can think of Nostrify as a protocol for building on Nostr with TypeScript... kind of like Nostr itself!

We want you to build your own components and share them with the community. To get started, see:

Ditto: Soon

Ditto is a decentralized, self-hosted social media server that emphasizes user control and community building across platforms. Key features include a built-in Nostr relay, compatibility with any Mastodon app, and full customizability. Always open-source, no ads, no tracking, and no censorship.

Please stay tuned. Ditto is almost ready!

Bring your projects to life on Nostr ๐ŸŒฑ

Try Nostrify Now!

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